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[I'm a photographer and videographer with a background in graphic design and marketing. I'm advanced in image editing and have a brief history of also teaching it with Robert's Dist. If you're looking for professional images and lively content from an experienced artist schedule your booking today!​​]


Hi! I'm Justin Simms.

My love for Photography started at about the age of seven when I was given a plastic 35mm camera; Much like the Kodak M35. I used that bright yellow camera shooting film for a few years and took my rolls to the local pharmacy for development. Once my shots were printed my Mom would select a few for the her next scrapbooking project. Her photo albums played another factor into my interest in photography. She was selling photo album material through Creative Memories, a new company selling unique photo albums and accessories to “Crop ‘til You Drop.” Each album would take a couple of months to finish with her added commentary on all its content. By the time I was 16 we probably had about ten of them; at which point in my life the digital camera was introduced and began growing on the market. My Dad bought one for the family but it quickly became mine because I took it everywhere I went mostly photographing candid portraits. Adobe Photoshop 6.0 was recently in stores and I checked out half a dozen books to learn Adobe and find new ways of taking my digital images to another level. A couple years later I was working two jobs that I felt supported my photography interest, one a lab photo developer the other a studio photographer. The lab gave me plenty of pre-processing experience and photo finishing examples. The studio helped me discover how to shoot quickly and pose well. Eventually I left the lab and began working in two separate studios before going to Anderson University for graphic design and marketing. I’d decided on these studies to explore how to get the most out of my work and to become involved in digital media beyond the camera. While in college I interned with another studio photographer in Baltimore, Maryland where I honed in on my shooting style and found that while I enjoy photographing just about anything, I’m at my best when shooting portrait and commercial projects. I enjoy photographing the character in you that is not easily captured with a cell phone or retail studio. If you have a business and need to convey your brand where words fail I’m also here to meet that need. My training as a graphic designer focused in digital photography has given me much to offer. If you're looking for professional images from an experienced photographer just select a booking or send a message today!

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